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About Us and Our Water Clean Up Services

After a 37 year career in both the property claims insurance and property restoration business I decided to offer an emergency service water restoration company specializing in small to medium size water losses. After inspecting multiple properties with water damage I noticed that there seemed to be need for a more personalized service contractor who still had the equipment and expertise to dry the damaged property out quickly with as minimal damage to the existing property as possible. All while using as minimal equipment and expense as possible.

Jim Johnson                                                                                                                                                          Advance Dry LLC

What to Do First

You wake up in the morning or return from work to find your carpet wet in your bedroom or several rooms. What do you do? You first might want to turn the water off to the house if possible. Some houses have a water valve inside the house or if you have a water key, turn the water off at the street. Also, most hot water tanks have shut-off valves located just above the tank if the leak is on the hot side of your system. If this happens during business hours, the city you reside in will come out and do it, or if after hours sometimes the city fire department will respond.

Dry Yourself or Hire A Professional

The carpet is soaked, if you are handy a wet-vac will help, but if the pad is soaked it probably will have to be removed to dry he carpet especially for a do-it-yourselfer. Now that the pad is out problem solved right? Well maybe, but more often than not, the walls, cabinets or other areas are wet and have to be dried, if they remain wet for three days or more mold will develop where it cannot be seen. Even if you do most of the repairs yourself the walls, cabinets, trim, insulation, and even furniture need to be check for moisture content if the water was present in any quality or these items standing in water for a half hour or more. We do not charge for the initial inspection and consultation.

Call US First

Should you call your insurance company and make a claim. Well, maybe, but it may be best to evaluate your damage before making a claim. Many homeowner’s have high deductibles and many times we can do the dry-out and put-back below the deductible! Also, be aware that many insurance companies initiate a claim when someone just calls in for questions. So, if you do call your insurer, start out by asking if a claim will be made for just asking questions about your policy and damage occurrence. Also, it seems to be the norm now, that it you file two non-storm related claims within a tree year period gets you canceled. Also, more and more companies are canceling their homeowners for two claims storm related or not.  In fact most of our referrals come from insurance agents who encourage their customers to have a pre-inspection prior to filing a claim.

Our Initial Inspection is Free

We show up with sensitive moisture detection equipment and check carpet in the immediate area first. However, we then check the trim, the walls, and the insulation behind. Also, the adjoin rooms, especially the nearby closets. Likewise, around large furniture items that have not yet been moved. Any organic items including wood, paper, drywall, and other will start mildew and mold growth if left wet more than 72 hours.