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Water Damage Due to Leaking Hot Water Tank

Water Heater Inspection

It is a good idea to inspect your hot water tank periodically especially after it is more than it is more than five years old. Most residential hot water tanks sold are warrantied about 6 years; however, because of hard water premature corrosion can occur and they can start slowing leak as the one in the photos shows, or they can burst flooding the rooms around them or even the entire house.

Water Damage Due to Leaking Hot Water TankIn this photo you can see Water Damage Due to Leaking Hot Water Tank. This hot water tank the age unknown is corroded at the top of the tank. Also, the flexible connections and water gate valve (shut-off valve) are corroded. There is water slowing dripping onto the floor and the water has traveled under the wall into a bedroom. In the bedroom the floor is covered with a laminate flooring and although the majority of the floor is wet underneath, it only shows limited buckling and a little visible moisture in-between the seams of the flooring, in the center of the room about 8 feet from the hot water tank.

Water Removal and Restoration

If you have Water Damage Due to Leaking Hot Water Tank  that has burst, flooding could cause damage to walls, trim furniture, personal items and more. In the case of a slow leak like this one, the unseen moisture can result in mold growing under the floor, behind the base trim, and both the surface and back side of the drywall attached to the walls studs. Also, in the case of a slow leak the damaged could be not covered by your insurance company due to repeated leakage.

If you are not sure of the age of the hot water tank, most brands will either have a manufacture date plate attached to the side of the tank or a model / serial number attached and the manufacturer should have a website to where the age can be checked by the serial number. If you have questions please call us.

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