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Water Damage Restoration Oklahoma City

Advance Dry is the premier company for water damage restoration and Flood Cleanup services in Oklahoma City, OK and the surrounding communities. We begin each project by listening to our clients to find out what their needs are. We always let you know beforehand what our plan is to get the job done, what our professionals will need to complete the task, and what results you can expect when we finish the project. Our water damage restoration and water damage repair services will exceed your expectations and restore your home as if the mess was never there!

Water Damage Insurance

Many times home insurance policies include a clause related to water damage restoration services, as insurance companies have placed responsibility on the home owner to have the damage repaired immediately, in order to prevent further damage. If you delay in clean up with moist carpet pads or the interior of your walls, the onset of mold growth can drive the cost of repairs up , and with regard to these policies regarding water damage repairs, we suggest you contact us immediately to begin repairs. If delays in the restoration occur, your insurance company could potentially refuse to pay for secondary repairs.  To gain full cooperation of the insurance company, and to ensure the work needed to restore your home is covered by your policy, do not hesitate.

Water Cleanup Serviceswater damage restoration

Our clients satisfaction and word of mouth referrals are what has allowed us to build our business .  We understand the effect our customer’s experience has on our future business opportunities. With over 37 years in insurance claims and restoration, our clients are without a doubt our number one priority! Our emergency service allow you to call or text 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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